Photography for me has always been a way of life rather than an occupation, in my youth I was unsure about what I wanted to do and who I wanted "be", so I used my camera to interact with people and quickly found that I could flourish doing so. Photography took up most of my spare time and in 1985 I quit my full time job as a retail manager and turned "Professional".
My parents were amazingly supportive, they built my first Darkroom in which I produced hand made black and white prints until the digital revolution arrived, of which I was an early adopter, this meant I could also process colour images in house. The last 35 years have been an amazing experience, my camera and loyal commercial clients allowing me access to people and locations I never imagined possible.
In 2020 I changed course to create more personal work, combining the darkroom skills I learnt with the benefits of digital capture, concentrating on my first love of black and white photography.
Jeff Hopkins Oct 2020